Returnal: System requirements revealed – you need a lot of RAM!

Finally confirmed: One of the best PS5 games is coming to PC!  (1)

After numerous rumors in the last week, Sony and Housemarque now have them too PC version of Returnal officially confirmed. However, there is no exact date yet. In the first trailer, which was shown during the Game Awards, there is only the text at the end “Coming soon” to read. However, implementation will not be long in coming. Ahead of the release are on the Product page on Steam now the System Requirements appeared, yours personal computer soon to bring for the PS5 game.

Mighty RAM requirements for Returnal

First players were surprised how much R.A.M. recommends the team at Housemarque for the roguelite shooter. If you want to play the game in the highest settings, you need it 32GB RAM in his computer. A requirement that has hardly been seen in any title so far. Previous PlayStation games on PC were also included. Returnal (buy now ) is also a PS5 exclusive. Maybe that played a crucial role here.