WoW: Player trapped permanently in dress – community helps to change

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from Sebastian Glanzer
In WoW: Dragonflight there are always funny bugs. However, the latest error seems to have been in the game since Shadowlands. So far, however, players have given little thought to the fact that their character was trapped in a dress or other clothes for several days or even permanently by a toy.

You may have heard of the player who became permanently immune to damage. He wanted to get rid of the immune buff directly, but could only do so in a roundabout way. With a similar problem, Redditor Skeeter1771 to fight. Instead of being immune to damage, his character is permanently in a dress – at least visually.

In the WoW Reddit forum, he asked the community for help on how to get rid of the effect. The bug was triggered by the toy Experimental aim cell. According to Skeeter, he tried everything to free his character from the visual change. Relogging, using other toys or similar didn’t work.

Skeeter isn’t the only one with this problem

“Have you ever asked someone to unzip your back?” one gamer sneered in the Reddit thread. However, many also had useful tips or reported that the exact same thing had happened to them. One solution is to use the anima cell again and change outfits again.

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