Hogwarts Legacy: Brand new gameplay in the showcase today

Hogwarts Legacy: Brand new gameplay in the showcase tomorrow

For the upcoming Harry Potter adventure Hogwarts Legacy, the developers at Avalanche want to provide us with brand new gameplay material as part of an in-house showcase event.

Publisher Warner Bros. announced this together with the studio via the title’s official Twitter account. Not only brand new game scenes should be shown to us, but also some fresh features of Hogwarts Legacy await us.

Hogwarts Legacy: Showcase Event on December 14 features Broom Riding & More

Already today, Wednesday, December 14th, Avalanche Software wants to further boost the hype and give us a few first impressions of how broom riding and the advanced combat system in Hogwarts Legacy should feel as part of the announced showcase event. We are also promised an introduction to the Room of Requirement.

Community guest host Benjamin Snow will lead through the program, which will be broadcast live from 7 p.m. German time. There are different platforms to choose from, because both on the channel of the developer Twitterbut also on YouTube you can follow the exciting showcase for Hogwarts Legacy.

Despite all the anticipation of broom riding, Quidditch will unfortunately not be played in Hogwarts Legacy. Instead, we get all sorts of information about the fights, the character editor and Hogwarts Castle itself in the gameplay material that was published a few weeks ago. And, especially cool: Yours You can choose your house and wand for Hogwarts Legacy before the release, if you can hardly stand to find out what the Sorting Hat is probably telling you…

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