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December 16, 2022 – 6:00 p.m — Last updated 29 minutes ago

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This week, Raw Fury and development studio Stitch Heads have a limited multiplayer beta for Super fuse started. Superfuse will be a comic-book style action RPG that will enter Early Access on January 31, 2023. Aliens are fought. You can watch the new gameplay trailer right below this news.

The multiplayer beta, where you can experience Superfuse’s co-op mode, runs until December 20th. In it you play the campaign together with a second person. All information about the beta can be found on the official Steam site.

Superfuse is set in a future where humanity has left the dying Earth and established colonies across the solar system. It features dynamic skill trees that allow you to choose a class and upgrade your skills to customize your protagonist, known as the Enforcer. As is typical for the genre, there is a lot of loot that you can loot in the procedurally generated levels.

Superfuse key features:

  • Customizable Skill Trees: You choose your class and apply fuses to your powers to create abilities. You can remap and vary powers as often as you like to face powerful bosses with maximum efficiency.
  • Loot: You optimize your enforcer with weapons, hi-tech armor and boosters. There should be hundreds of different kinds of loot types with random stats that you can use to improve your Hrelden. Alternatively, you can trade or sell them to earn credits for specific items.
  • Online Multiplayer: In online multiplayer, you create a superhero for four-player online PvE drop-in/out co-op. You should make sure that the classes complement each other well.
  • Single player mode: You can also play the campaigns offline in single player.
  • Level: In addition to procedurally generated levels, you can also play levels you have created yourself. In both cases, you never fight your way down the same path, as the levels are redesigned with each game.
  • Fully Voiced, Story-Driven Campaigns: The player characters and NPCs are voiced by actors, including the award-winning one Eli Harris.
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You can already add Superfuse to your Steam Wishlist Add. You can find more information on the official site and in official community discord channel.