CoD MW2: Players discover the worst visor in the history of CoD – “Thermal visors are noob traps”

cod modern warfare 2 warzone 2 worst visor in history without gas

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 there is an almost infinite number of attachments and massive sights for your weapons. But not every attachment is good for your gun. This can be seen in a really bad thermal visor.

With Modern Warfare 2, the Call of Duty Armorer has received a major overhaul. The whole system has been drilled out and has a new design.

Basically, you have to level individual weapons less and have direct attachments for weapons that you have not played at all. However, certain attachments and weapons may require you to play weapon classes that you don’t feel like playing.

However, you can safely ignore at least one visor. If you can, you should leave the activation right away and the part can go moldy in the arsenal forever. Because it’s so bad that one can speak of the worst visor in CoD history.

For a deeper insight into the new weapon smith, we link you to the English trailer for the new CoD feature here:

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Gunsmith Trailer

CoD MW2 & Warzone 2: Keep your hands off the “SZ Holotherm”

Is the visor really that bad? Worse. The “SZ Holotherm” cannot be used for automatic weapons. Especially if you use a silencer, you can hardly see anything after the first shot. Silencers increase gas leakage in CoD MW2 and Warzone 2.

We tested it and show you 2 pictures:

The gas that escapes from the muzzle during firing is not transparent to the sight. This leads to the fact that the complete view is disturbed during firing.

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The whole thing was discovered and shared in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit. The thread collected more than 4,200 upvotes and 680 comments in a good 25 hours (as of 12/13/22/5:00 p.m.). The sarcastic title: “OP Meta Visor – This needs to be patched immediately!”.

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What do players say about this? Since players aren’t forced to put their sights on the sights, the mood in the thread is very boisterous. Many commentators enjoy it and interesting conversations develop.

The comment with the most upvotes leads to conversations about how you perceived games as a child. That you sometimes spent hours in department stores that had consoles for testing in the games department.

User “wittiestphrase” collected 1,900 upvotes with: “It looks like you’re playing on a Virtual Boy”. The Virtual Boy was one of the first attempts at VR technology and was released by Nintendo in 1995.

The answer from user “antikythera3301” also knows how to please: “Only children of the 80s who lived in the 90s to test it in a blockbuster branch will understand this joke”. As a result, many other users indulge in the cuddly gaming memories of their childhood.

After all, there is one or the other topic-related answer. She explains to FauxReignNew that thermal sights are more for single-shot rifles. Here the gas output is offset and gone until the next shot is due.

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User “Yager47” has another tip that was even rewarded with 1,000 upvotes: “Thermal visors are noob traps” – they are tempting for beginners, but their use should be well thought out.

Have you also discovered an attachment that ruins your weapons? Or are there other essays that you would recommend to everyone? Leave us a comment on the topic.

By the way, once a weapon has reached the max level, weapon tuning is available to you. Here, too, you should not proceed without caution: CoD MW2 & Warzone 2: Be careful with weapon tuning – don’t mess up your weapon setups