Geshin Impact 3.4 Update Details Leaked

New Genshin Impact 3.4 Boss Leaked

This Genshin Impact leak gives us a good look at Sumeru’s new boss, HoYoverse, which will be added in the upcoming 3.4 update rumored to be out early next year.

A recent leak from a player in the game’s closed beta uploaded to reddit of Genhsin Impact revealed the gameplay of the new boss that will be added to the anime game in its version 3.4 update. HoYoverse brings what appears to be a new normal boss to the Sumeru desert.

In the clip you can see a team of Wanderer, Yaoyao, Lumine and Alhaitham facing the boss, which can detail the boss’s movements.

version 3.3 of Genshin Impact It’s far from over, so be sure to check back and stay up to date on all things event and rewards so you can get the most out of 3.4.

3.4 Wind-Bitten Sandworm gameplay desde Genshin_Impact_Leaks

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