WoW: Even the “boring fishing” is really good in Dragonflight

WoW Tuskarr Daring Fisher

MyMMO demon Cortyn is even enthusiastic about fishing in WoW: Dragonflight. Because Blizzard has really come up with a lot of things.

Fishing isn’t one of the most exciting things to do in World of Warcraft, but it’s not meant to be. It’s often a bit meditative and slows down the “dungeon-to-dungeon rush” quite a bit. Many players fish for hours at a time for a variety of reasons. To find some rest, to boost your fishing skill, to collect cooking materials or to hope for particularly rare drops.

But in World of Warcraft Dragonflight fishing has gotten a lot better. Because there are numerous little things that you don’t see at first glance and for which you have to deal more intensively with the system. We would like to present some of the “hidden highlights” to you here.

It’s important to note that most of the new Fishing features are related to the Tuskarr of Iskaara in one way or another. As you achieve fame levels there, you often unlock new fishing features that are used primarily in Dragonflight. This includes:

  • New Fishing Opportunities (Ice Fishing, Highland Fishing, Lava Fishing)
  • A harpoon to catch “Oschis”.
  • Fishing nets that automatically catch fish for you
  • Fish that replace materials such as ores or herbs
  • Bonus chests containing fish and lots of gold

Additionally, there are a handful of recipes that are only available through the Fishing system, as you can sometimes find bottles of recipes. If you don’t need them yourself, you can give them away or turn them into gold in the auction house.

The Tuskarr also fish in the lava – and there are special fish there.

Fish replacing other professions

One of the coolest, lesser-known features of Dragonflight fishing is that you can partially replace other gathering professions with fishing. Let’s take my priestess as an example, she is a tailor and jewel cutter (and therefore always has a very full inventory). This means that she actually relies on getting ores from other players for jewelcrafting – so I would have to buy them on the auction house.

But with Dragonflight, that’s not necessary, because I can catch a certain type of fish (magma thresher) that, like ores, you can probe. From this you get gems and other materials, even of quite high quality. This enabled me to increase my profession to skill level 90 without even having to buy ores once.

The disadvantage, of course, is that you only get a fish every 15 seconds when fishing, while you get significantly more from ore deposits. A skilled miner will earn significantly more ore in the same amount of time.

But the advantages should not be underestimated either. With the fishing events on lava lakes, I can stay in the same place permanently and fish out the schools that keep appearing, so I don’t really have to move. If you want to watch a series on the side, you can do it much more relaxed when fishing (especially thanks to the new “Interact” button) than when flying through the world. The corresponding fish are also of rare (“blue”) quality, which means that I often get good gems.

So many fish – and all have a use.

Tuskarr of Iskaara – Cool rewards and big gold win

If you want to fish, you can’t avoid the Tuskarr of Iskaara in Dragonflight. Therefore, it is worth participating in soup cooking regularly to gain reputation with the Tuskarr.

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However, you can also simply fish for reputation with the faction – and thus have a clear advantage.

Because as you level up the Tuskarr fame, you not only unlock nets and harpoons, but you can also upgrade them so that there are more fish in the nets or that these nets fill up faster.

The highlight is that you can fish the necessary upgrade items from the special fishing points – this is revealed in the description of the item.

You must actually use the first items for upgrades, but all subsequent items can be exchanged for reputation immediately!

Renown Level 27 – Wealth without end

It gets really interesting with the Tuskarr from fame level 27. From then on you can find “Tuskarr Tackleboxes” in the game world. These are usually distributed in large quantities in a few places, so you can find 10-15 boxes close together.

The boxes contain not only numerous fish and shells, but also a lot of gray “trader stuff”. Depending on the box, this has a value of 3 gold to 500 gold. On average, this is around 220 gold.

WoW Tuskar tackle boxes
You can find hundreds of these boxes – if you have Fame 27 with the Tuskarr.

If you are looking for a nice gain, you can simply farm these boxes at night and easily find several tens of thousands of gold in a short time and still get a lot of fish.

Oschis – Big fish and rare spawns

Last but not least, there are the “Oschis” in Dragonflight again. These are particularly big fish that appear as actual mobs in the game world. Instead of simply fighting them though, use a special harpoon to land them (sort of a mini-game) for a chance at some bonus loot. Again, this is an interesting community project, as other players can help with their harpoons.

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Oschis always appear when you have looted an “Ominous Shell” – which is usually the case when fishing. If you have received such a shell, you should not continue fishing immediately. If you wait, your character will automatically cast the Look Out for Oschis ability. If you are near deep water, an Oschi will appear there, which you can use the harpoon to bring ashore.

WoW fishing cooking event
In the cooking event you get a lot of reputation with the Tuskarr – this helps with fishing.

You can then use 5 of the shells at certain fishing spots to summon a particularly large Oschi, which requires several players with harpoons. Sometimes this particularly large Oschi is also a rare mob that not only drops really strong loot, but also drops upgrade items for your harpoon.

Since Oschis themselves can also drop “Ominous Shells”, if there are several players on site, an endless cycle of summonable rare mobs and large Oschis can arise, which more and more players join.

I generally like to fish in WoW while waiting for something else – but in Dragonflight I’ll more often venture out for an hour or so because it’s just worth it and is amazingly fun. You should try it.