Easter Egg in Witcher 3: Mystery of Cyberpunk 2077 Mystery

Easter Egg in Witcher 3: Mystery of Cyberpunk 2077 Mystery

According to the patch notes, the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 has new secrets in the game world to find. For example, the horse Roach can now be petted, and former Geralt actor Henry Cavill’s dog roams the map. However, the newly discovered Easter Egg based on Cyberpunk 2077 is anything but easy to solve.

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The first hint of this can be found in the ruined bastion in Velen, where three smaller ruins have switches on the walls. If the player flips all the switches, an earth elemental will appear, and once killed, a portal will open. This takes you to the top of the bastion. After descending, the player arrives in a room where invincible Wraiths are waiting for him. There is a strange looking symbol on one of the walls in this room.

It’s a triangle with lines in the middle and some letters on the outside that can be translated from Slavic Glagolitic, the game’s language. This is where things start to get weird, as the lines inside the triangle and the translations point to an unsolved mystery in Cyberpunk 2077. The first clue is the lines – they match those on a statue in Cyberpunk that has FF:06:B5 written on it.

There are two more of these statues in Cyberpunk, each with a different code. They were found around two years ago and the answer to their meaning is still not solved. The conjectures of the community range from the conversion of the codes into hexadecimal values ​​to guitar notation to the vibration frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls. There is now an entire subreddit dedicated to solving the mystery of FF:06:B5.

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But what about the letters on the symbol in The Witcher 3

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