Gaming Mouse: Wireless Xtrfy M8 with up to 75 hours of battery life

Gaming Mouse: Wireless Xtrfy M8 with up to 75 hours of battery life

from Maximilian Hohm
The wireless gaming mouse M8 from manufacturer Xtrfy should offer a long battery life, a high-resolution sensor and particularly low keys for maximum precision. The mouse is primarily aimed at gamers and, in addition to a resolution of 26,000 dpi, also has a polling rate of 1,000 Hz. It weighs only 55 grams. Read more about the new gaming mouse below.

For fun while gaming, not only a decent gaming PC is required, but also good peripherals that implement the inputs made so that steering movements and shots achieve the desired effects. The new Xtrfy M8 should be able to offer this and last up to 75 hours without a cable. The mouse should be particularly suitable for gamers due to its low design and the extremely high-resolution sensor.

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The manufacturer claims that the closer you put your fingers to the contact surface, the more control you have over the mouse. The mouse buttons of the flattened Xtrfy M8 Wireless are only 4 millimeters above the mouse pad, which should ensure particularly precise aiming. Kailh GM 8.0 switches are installed for a precise and tactile release. On the underside of the mouse there are PTFE gliders, which are said to be characterized by particularly low frictional resistance.

An optical Pixart 3395 is installed as the sensor, which can resolve with 26,000 dpi. The polling rate of 1,000 Hz and the response time of one millisecond are common in gaming mice today. Using the supplied USB-C cable, the mouse can be fully charged within two hours and lasts up to 75 hours. The Xtrfy M8 is very light at 55 grams and thus allows for the fastest mouse movements. The mouse is available in the different color variants Frosty Mint, Retro, Frosty Purple, Black and White for an RRP of 99.90 euros and is already available in the PCGH price comparison listed.

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Source: Caseking