Game Pass: survey indicates new subscription level with advertising for only 3 euros

Xbox Game Pass could get a new subscription tier that might replace Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Game Pass could get a new subscription tier that might replace Xbox Live Gold.

The Xbox Game Pass may get a new subscription tier that relies on advertising and a very low price. At least Microsoft seems to be exploring this option in the course of a survey and getting votes on how such a possibility would be received. How exactly this will work is not yet clear, but it could be a very attractive Game Pass version.

Xbox Game Pass may get ads, but only as an option

That’s what it’s about: Apparently, Microsoft is currently asking some Internet users how they would find a subscription level for Xbox Game Pass that only costs three euros a month. However, players would have to accept advertising for this (via: ResetEra).

This would be inside: This Game Pass version is apparently not intended to give complete access to all games in the subscription catalogue. Instead, ‘only’ the first party exclusives from Microsoft and all that goes with them would be included. However, only six months after the actual release of the title.

In addition, advertising would be shown before the games. What exactly would be advertised there, how long the individual videos last (if they were videos at all) and so on is not yet certain. Apparently, the games should not be interrupted by advertising.

  • All First Party Exclusives (6 months after launch)
  • No cloud streaming, no other games
  • Online multiplayer
  • Advertising before the games

Xbox live gold in good? In addition, the online multiplayer functionality would be given. All in all, that sounds like a pretty attractive alternative for the rather flimsy Xbox Live Gold service. If Microsoft plans to replace Xbox Live Gold with this Game Pass Light, it could work out quite well.

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Like Netflix? Game Pass was always billed as the Netflix for gaming when it first launched. Perhaps Microsoft will remain true to this example. Netflix also recently introduced a cheaper subscription level with advertising. But it was so unsuccessful that Netflix has already had to pay advertisers back for not having enough subscribers (via: moviepilot).

You can read more about how Game Pass currently works here:

Xbox Game Pass - Pricing, Games, Ultimate


All information about the service

Xbox Game Pass – Pricing, Games, Ultimate

But beware! There are currently no official announcements in this direction. This is all based on just one survey. This means that such plans, if any, do not necessarily have to be put into practice. So you should still treat the whole thing with caution at the moment.

How would you find a Game Pass with ads and limited lineup for only 3 euros a month?