WoW: Schroffi in the azure mountains – where is he now?

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from Susan Brown
You’ve never seen this NPC – it’ll probably be noted on quite a few WoW characters when searching for the rare foe Schroffi (or Gruffy in English) in the Azure Mountains of WoW: Dragonflight. And apparently the spawn of the rare is still not fixed – or it remains an opaque mystery.

In the Azure Mountains of WoW: Dragonflight, most WoW players search in vain for an NPC that should spawn as part of a bonus objective. The name: Schroffi, in English Gruffy. The rare mountain goat was supposed to appear at coordinates 33/29 in the hilly west of the Azure Mountains. It’s irritating that Schroffi is shown as a bonus target on the map, but you can’t knock him down. As well as when the opponent does not appear.

Schroffi: Bug or feature?

It is unclear whether Schroffi, the part of the success Adventurer of the Azure Mountains may not appear due to a bug – or whether it’s because the Blizzard developers have adjusted the spawning behavior of rare enemies. WoW player Varenne reports in the Comments section of WoWHead that rares in Dragonflight appear to be on a daily reset, which in turn means that only select rares appear per day and disappear with the daily reset. “So most of the time you get to the spot and you don’t see anything there. At least that’s how it was in the beta,” writes Varenne.

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