WoW wanted “fewer swimwear”, now brings sexy chain bikinis

WoW Chain Mail Bikini on Female Human

Sexy clothes are coming soon to World of Warcraft Dragonflight. You can expect “chain bikinis” – and they look really good.

There is a lot of different content in World of Warcraft, but one wish unites pretty much all players: the opportunity to continue to individualize your own character and give him or her your very own look. Therefore, in recent years, WoW has brought more and more customization options.

This was discovered: The wowhead dataminers are busy examining the 10.0.5 patch and are finding new, interesting content almost every day. A small detail has now attracted attention, because it shows armor that has not been seen in World of Warcraft before – or at least not since “Vanilla” items of this type have been added to the game.

We’re talking about one of the biggest “game clichés” that exist in fantasy games: chain bikinis.

That’s the good part about women. Image source: wowhead

The bikinis come in 4 different colors: dark green, brown, black-red and red-black (reversed colors).

WoW Chain Mail Bikini on Male Human
This is what it would look like on men. Image source: wowhead

How do you get the chain bikinis? So far it is not quite clear how to get these new chain bikinis. The most likely, however, seems to be that the chain bikinis end up in the trading post. This is a new feature Blizzard announced for Patch 10.0.5. Players receive a special currency here every month, which they can use to buy new, cosmetic rewards – including mounts, toys, but also transmog items. Such a bikini would be quite conceivable.

Why didn’t WoW want bikinis anymore? At the time of Cataclysm, there was quite a bit of discussion about the representation of women in World of Warcraft. At BlizzCon, Chris Metzen explained that he had watched the end video of Cataclysm with his daughter and she asked him, “Why are all the women wearing bathing suits?” He didn’t have an answer at the time. Since then, however, the representation of women in WoW has changed significantly and “provocative” clothing has decreased in many cases.

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What do you think of the bikinis? Cool that there will be something like this in World of Warcraft soon? Or has that lost nothing in Azeroth?

What else is in patch 10.0.5, we tell you here.