Loot and Level: Haunted Chocolatier is like the Stardew Valley mine, only more complex

To the Star's new game

To the Star’s new game

We’ll have to be patient until we can finally play the new game from Stardew Valley creators ConcernedApe, or rather Eric Barone. Now Barone has at least talked a little bit out of the box. It was already clear that Haunted Chocolatier is not a farm sim. In the game we run a chocolate shop for ghosts. Now we know a little bit more.

Haunted Chocolatier is a game of exploration, looting, and leveling

The developer had already revealed that fights in Haunted Chocolatier should play a bigger role and be more complex than in the previous title. In Stardew Valley, the brawls that we deliver to ourselves with monsters in the mine are kept fairly simple. However, Barone compares the new title to this component from his last game and gives away ScreenRantthat he asked himself the following question:

What if I made a game similar to the mines in Stardew Valley but fully fleshed out and really well done?

He also reports that his fondness for diablo 2 had an impact on the game. Barone explains that he finds leveling and looting stats rewarding – and while he doesn’t think Stardew Valley fans are that keen on those elements, he wants to do what he likes with Haunted Chocolatier.

You can find more about Stardew Valley and Co. here:

You can watch a trailer of Haunted Chocolatier here:

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Haunted Chocolatier - First gameplay trailer for Eric Barone's new simulation


Haunted Chocolatier – First gameplay trailer for Eric Barone’s new simulation

But how exactly do we have to imagine the new game?

According to Barone, the most important element of the game is gathering ingredients. As already mentioned, we run a chocolate shop (“chocolate shop”) – and for our compositions we just need collectibles. For this we have to explore magical worlds, which we reach with the help of portals – and fight. Barone reveals:

Basically, the gameplay loop consists of you going out into the world, which includes these magical worlds. You gather ingredients in a variety of ways, including combat, and then return to your castle. You go into the kitchen and make chocolates and when the chocolates are ready you take them to the shop.

There will also be a “weekly chocolate news system”. This means that certain strains are particularly popular at certain times. We must try to please our customers and improve our reputation. Managing the shop should still play a subordinate role. According to Barone, industrious spirits can take over the selling of the goods for us from a certain point in time.

What do you think of these new statements? Does the concept appeal to you?