Netflix: Program in February 2023 – preview of the new series & films

Netflix: Program in November 2022 – these are the new series and films

Netflix is ​​previewing February 2023 programming. There are also a number of series and films coming up in the new month, as the following overview shows. The website served as the basis for this article, which lists the additions for the new month – including the individual dates. Note that this is a preliminary list and does not reflect the entire program. Netflix is ​​expected to share more details about the February program shortly.

Netflix: New series & films in February 2023

The program includes the horror film Viking wolf: “A teenager witnesses a grotesque murder at a party in her new hometown and suddenly has strange visions and bizarre desires,” writes Netflix. The strip premieres on February 9th. A few days later, on February 14, another horror film, Re:member, will be available on Netflix. In it, six students must find the scattered remains of an unknown victim in a murderous time warp in order to break a curse and face the next day.