Long The Day Before Gameplay Video Fails With Fans – “Best Walking Simulator I’ve Ever Seen”

The Day Before Titel

The Day Before struggles with its credibility. It has long been considered one of the most anticipated games on Steam. But after a few strange actions by the developers, players are skeptical – and the promised video with 10 minutes of gameplay does not improve everyone.

With The Day Before, the developers from the small studio Fntastic caused a surprise success. After the announcement, many players were looking forward to the new survival game, the information about the game and the first pictures looked really good.

The Division with zombies in a contaminated city.

Two postponements and a few weird actions later, fans feel differently about The Day Before. At least since the number with the copyright problems, there has been a lot of skepticism. The developers responded with an analogy to heroes from films of the 90s.

Fntastic wanted to make up for it all with a lengthy gameplay video. You can watch the 10 minutes of gameplay here:

The Day Before – 10 minutes of gameplay

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The Day Before: Gameplay falls through with fans

What is there to see? The character walks the path from outside a big city to inside. On the way a few zombies are killed, a crafting station is used and some containers are emptied.

How do fans react? Most reactions are negative. Apparently more was promised. The scenes hardly bring any action, the description “walking simulator” appears more often.

Here are some of the comments below the YouTube video (via youtube.com):

  • Rage Inducer: “For a game that was supposed to be out this month, it sure was…a unique performance.”
  • ✙ Smorgonenberg ✙: “Best walking simulator I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for the next postponement.”
  • Voyagers Revenge: “The poor marketing and the excuses for the postponements seem to be the most interesting things about the game.”

After the developers’ announcements, many fans wanted to see a trailer here that would knock their socks off. But there was very little to see that sparked more interest.

The developers wanted to provide proof that they are really working on the game. That is also well appreciated. From time to time there are also positive comments about the gameplay. But skepticism continues to prevail – either if the game will be good or if it is even in development.

It’s no different on Twitter either. A similar image can be seen under the gameplay video announcement.

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The developers emphasize that they have not received any money for the game so far. However, fans who were looking forward to the release don’t want to hear that. The result is skepticism.

What do you think of the The Day Before gameplay video?

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