Internet Explorer 5 and the fastest gaming CPU (PCGH-Retro, March 18)

Internet Explorer 5 and the fastest gaming CPU (PCGH-Retro, March 18)

from Henner Schroeder
Microsoft brings Internet Explorer 5 and AMD the fastest gamer CPU – both on March 18th. Every day, PC Games Hardware takes a look back at the young but eventful history of the computer.

…1999: The browser war isn’t quite won yet: Microsoft is still fighting Netscape’s Navigator with Internet Explorer. Originally technically inferior, IE catches up with each new version and thereby gains an ever larger market share. On March 18, 1999, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 5, an important new version that included support for XML, among other things – and will be primarily responsible for Microsoft’s victory in this browser war. IE5 is the last IE version that also runs on Windows 3.1, NT3 and Windows 95 as well as on Macintosh and Unix systems.

… 2004: AMD’s Socket 940 is actually intended for Opteron processors, but the Athlon FX series also brings this server technology to gaming PCs. On March 18, AMD will launch the Athlon 64 FX-53, which clocks at 2.4 GHz ex works and has an unlocked multiplier. It will be the last, but also the fastest processor for socket 940 – future generations will be based on sockets 939, AM2 and F.

… 2004: The German version of UT 2004 will be released two days after the US version. For a USK-16 seal, players in this country have to do without a blood display in the event of hits and flying, severed body parts. Of course, this incision does not spoil the fun of the game.

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