Played Diablo 4 Beta: Smooth Hack & Slay – but not with 10 GiByte VRAM

Diablo 4 Beta Played: Sleek Hack &  Slay - but not with 10 GiByte VRAM (pictures: UHD with TAA maxed, downsampled @ 1440p) (18)

Anyone who has pre-ordered Blizzard’s long-awaited Diablo 4 sniping can dare the fight against evil since last night. Diablo 4 celebrates its final debut on June 6th, 2023, before which there are two beta test phases, the first of which runs from Friday at 5 p.m. to Monday at 8 p.m. From 24.3. until 27.3. follows the open beta for all interested but undecided players. PCGH has jumped into Diablo 4 Beta 1 to give you a first look at the tech. This is just a quick look at the options menus and general performance, more to come throughout Monday.

Diablo 4 Beta: Lots of graphics options

Diablo is already doing 4

We looked at the Diablo 4 beta on a powerful computer and are generally impressed by the performance. Our test PC with Ryzen 9 5950X and Geforce RTX 3090 Ti runs with strong undervolting and is still able to display Diablo 4 (beta) with 70 to 120 fps. We use the engine’s temporal AA (TAA), not DLSS. The demands on the hardware vary greatly, although it is primarily the cutscenes that demand the graphics card. Interestingly, Diablo 4 alternates between in-engine graphics and pre-rendered videos. The latter look good – thanks to the installed HD package, which expands the game to 85 GB – but reveal the typical block artefacts and more or less clear color banding on closer inspection. It is gratifying that Diablo 4, despite being in beta, doesn’t have any stuttering caused by the shader. We were able to play for an hour at a time without any noticeable stuttering – that was unthinkable in some games over the past few months, patches had to be used for the shader/PSO compilation first implement or fix.

The gloomy graphics are atmospherically illuminated with all sorts of rasterizing tricks and have many details and dynamics. Among other things, it is praiseworthy that many objects can be destroyed, even those that do not contain any items. In addition to successful material presentation, largely fine textures, nice effects and a cleanly acting TAA, the audio backdrop in Diablo 4 is also pleasing. The noises are depressing, the (English) voices sound believable and the barbarian’s sound when he hits with smack could hardly be more pithy. The level of violence, which is used especially in the cutscenes, is also remarkable – no comparison to Diablo 3, which looks almost like Fortnite in comparison.

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