Halo Infinite: This trick makes multiplayer more enjoyable and helps with the Battle Pass

You can bypass an unsuitable lobby in Infinite multiplayer.

If you start a multiplayer game in Halo Infinite, you will be thrown into a random match without being able to see or influence the game mode. This is annoying if you want to play a certain variant and also leads to difficulties with the Battle Pass. As it now turns out, there is a simple and helpful trick you can use to get around the problem.

This is how you choose the game mode in Halo Infinite multiplayer

The trick was discovered by Reddit user Veggum. It helps you to see the game mode and to leave a game early without having to fear any consequences (via Reddit).

This is how you do it: When Halo Infinite connects to a lobby and the display at the bottom of the screen turns blue, press the menu button on your controller. This will take you to the social menu. You can now see the game variant under the Fireteam tab. If you don’t like it, just press X and you won’t be connected to the lobby. Repeat this process until you land in the lobby of your choice.

With the upcoming release of the campaign, the big GamePro test is out:

Halo Infinite review: it was worth the wait


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Halo Infinite review: it was worth the wait

Why does this help me with the Battle Pass? The Halo Infinite Battle Pass rewards very specific play styles. 343 Industries has already revised the progression system – you now get XP bonuses for the first six games, regardless of game mode or play style – but you still only get a lot of XP for the weekly challenges. Since these often require a certain mode, it is helpful if you can avoid unsuitable lobbies.

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It is of course possible at any time for the exploit to be patched from the game.

Tomorrow the Halo Infinite campaign will finally be released:

Halo Infinite - The campaign launch trailer is fueling the epic action


Halo Infinite – The campaign launch trailer is fueling the epic action

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Even faster with Game Pass Ultimate

Another way to speed up your progress in the Halo Infinite Battle Pass is by subscribing to Game Pass Ultimate. Since the multiplayer is free2play, you theoretically don’t need one, but there are advantages: The subscription includes monthly multiplayer bundles that also include XP boosts. Of course, you can also get XP for real money.

Halo Infinite launches tomorrow, December 8th, 2021 for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

Did you know the Halo Infinite trick and will you use it in the future?