Twitch streamer explains why he still plays New World and believes in the MMORPG

Michael “shroud” Gresziek is the biggest streamer for the MMORPG New World on Twitch. But the new game from Amazon is criticized by fans. You wonder why someone like shroud is still playing the game in December 2021, which is notorious for not offering enough content and too many bugs. The streamer says: He believes in the MMORPG. That will be really good in January 2022 and then you will need good items.

This is New World’s situation on Twitch:

  • New World was designed for Twitch from the start. Because Amazon bought Twitch cheaply years ago and it is part of their philosophy that an MMORPG like New World should work via Twitch.
  • At the beginning, the plan worked and New World reached a peak of 900,000 viewers by the time it was released – but that number fell quickly. In October, New World had an average of 117,000 simultaneous viewers online; in the last 30 days the number has fallen to 10,000 viewers.
  • But among the remaining New World streamers there is a real Twitch star with the “human aim bot” shroud, who indulges his leadership there by digging one away in an MMORPG. MMORPG expert Asmongold also regularly streams the MMORPG on a secondary channel.

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Shroud says New World is going to be really good – really good

Why is shroud still playing New World? For many gamers, the New World star has been falling rapidly. The game is accused of being unfinished, not offering enough content and carrying too many bugs and problems with it.

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New World player numbers have fallen rapidly on Steam. So shroud was asked in a Twitch stream why he still streams New World, that was crap. The Twitch streamer replies:

“New World is crap? Buddy, it’s going to be fine, it’s going to be really fine. The next update in January will bring dungeon mutations. You will be able to modify dungeons, just like Mythic + content in WoW. And the only way you can take the damage there is with items like this. “


Shroud then shows some items with special abilities to absorb certain types of damage. Apparently, shroud loves the idea that content becomes so heavy that it requires certain equipment and preparation to withstand the content. If you don’t have this equipment, you will whip immediately, he explains.

The streamer says, however, that he is really looking forward to the new content, but that it should also give good rewards. If he was the same crap that was there now, he’d be really pissed off.

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This is behind it: shroud is a grinder through and through and is apparently fascinated by the loot spiral that he grinds items now in order to create hard content later, which then brings even better items.

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This is a typical example of a hardcore PvE player in MMORPGs who is particularly into content that very few can even handle because the requirements for it are so high. This is an “old school view” of MMORPGs. Obviously, with the same persistence as tackling such MMORPG grinds, one can also become a leading Twitch streamer.

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