The keyboard your Mac or iPad will love drops more than 30% today alone

The Logitech K380 is a very versatile keyboard that only costs 35.99 euros at Amazon.

If there is a firm that falls in love with every gadget that manufactures, it is Apple, but if there is another that complements almost every brand of the market that is Logitech. The accessories of the Swiss firm make life much easier and adapt to all systems. And this keyboard comes down today up to 35.99 euros on Amazon To everyone’s surprise.

El Logitech K380 usually costs more than 50 euros in any online or physical store, but today we have its model in pink, to match any Mac device, for only 35.99 euros. It’s not easy to get a price like this, and it can be yours today, if you hurry, with Spanish QWERTY layout. It may be one of the best keyboards for your iPad Pro, but that’s already its your choice.

31% discount for Logitech’s most versatile keyboard

Very portable, light and with a very pleasant pulsation.

Forget about cablesAlthough accustomed to Apple devices, it is normal that you already have them in oblivion. The Logitech K380 keyboard it is ready to work with any operating system. Logitech has achieved a hybrid suitable for any user, and that is to be admired. Bluetooth technology, multi-device connectivity and compatible with macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Android, iOS o Apple TV. One pass among the best keyboards for Mac.

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And if we look at its keys, we will see that we have everything we need to function on any operating system. We have all the functions available in Windows and in macOS in the K380. And the best, its multi-device capacity that allows you to connect this keyboard to 3 devices and switch between them with just one key. You can be writing a job on your Mac, and answer a WhatsApp on your iPhone or edit an image on your iPad almost at the same time.

You may think that the battery of this keyboard will last a few days, due to its large display of connectivity and its small size. Well no. This Logitech K380 has an estimated autonomy of 2 years. Nothing more and nothing less than 24 months of use. Some 2 million keystrokes per year are estimated to reach this autonomy figure, something that in the Business environment it is very achievable.

Keyboard is available in various colors (white, black or pink) and can be accompanied by a small mouse from Logitech itself. This is one of the lowest prices ever for this gadget in the last 2 years, since it was put on sale. So it is a great opportunity to get hold of it.

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