Now Instagram will tell how many people saw your cross post on Facebook

Instagram Feature : Most of you must be aware that Facebook and Instagram are products of the same company. That is, both are owned by Meta. Meta keeps on bringing new features for both these platforms. In many cases both have also been combined. That is, in the case of post sharing, Instagram gives this feature that you can cross post your post on Facebook as well. A large number of people also use it. To make this feature easier, now Meta is going to provide another feature in Instagram. Under this, if you cross post Instagram Stories on Facebook, then you will be able to see the details of the views of both on Instagram as well. Let us know in detail about this feature.

Will be launched soon for all

Actually this feature has been brought so that users can get every information related to their posts from Instagram itself. He can see how many people have seen his post and by whom. The company is working on this feature. Right now it has been released to some people. After testing, soon it will be launched for all users. After this you too will be able to take advantage of this special feature.

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Preparing to bring many more special features

According to the information received so far about this feature, you will see this feature in the settings section only. All you have to do is turn on the necessary settings, only then you will be able to track those who viewed the post through this feature. Let us tell you that Instagram is currently working on many more special features.

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