FIFA 22: Crazy task forces you to take nasty camera shots – is “Captain Fantastic” worth it?

FIFA 22 Captain Fantastic

Anyone who plays “Captain Fantastic” in FIFA 22 can look forward to unusual matches. But is the series of tasks in Ultimate Team worth it?

This is what makes Captain Fantastic so special: Normally you play in FIFA Ultimate Team with one of the very typical camera settings, which show the field from left to right like on TV.

But the Captains event has an unusual series of tasks in store: Captain Fantastic rotates the whole thing by 90 degrees and forces you to play with the camera setting “Pro”. You know that primarily from modes in which you only take on a single player – in Ultimate Team it basically played no role.

The whole thing then looks like this:

This is what the camera looks like in Captain Fantastic

What should I do? In order to complete the “Captain Fantastic” series of tasks, you have to complete a total of four sections. The “Captain Fantastic Mode” can be found in the live friendlies.

  • Full commitment: Here you have to score 10 goals in Squad Battles (at least on professional level). You can still use the normal camera there.
    • Reward: 50 XP, a 75+ player and the FUT Heroes Club jersey. You need the latter for the remaining tasks.
  • Excellent flanks: Set up 5 goals with a cross in Captain Fantastic mode wearing the FUT Heroes Club jersey. In this mode, the camera then switches to Pro.
    • 1 player choice 80+ out of 3, 50 XP
  • Super Scorer: Score 20 goals in Captain Fantastic mode wearing the FUT Heroes Club jersey.
    • 1 player choice 80+ out of 3, 50 XP
  • Constant Captain: Score in 8 separate matches of Captain Fantastic mode wearing the FUT Heroes Club jersey.
    • Reward: 1 player choice 80+ out of 3, 50 XP
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If you have completed the entire task, there is an additional reward: A player pick 84+, also from 3 players.

Is Captain Fantastic in FIFA 22 worth it?

This speaks for the task: Basically, it’s a fun thing to play FIFA 22 times from a completely different perspective. You will quickly find that the game plays very differently. Defending in particular is a challenge, skills and offensive runs also feel different.

However, it can be a lot of fun to see the team act in detail. In addition, there are a few player picks in the task series where, with a little luck, you can even get good cards.

This speaks against the task: The rewards aren’t great. As described, with a lot of luck you can draw good cards, but you shouldn’t necessarily count on them.

Those who only play the questline for the rewards may be disappointed. Especially since it is not so easy to score flanking goals in this view – let alone to collect 20 goals at all.

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Some players report bugs that cause the camera to jump back to the “normal” view after a throw-in or a corner, for example. This is then an advantage for players who are only looking for rewards. However, this cannot be reliably repeated and may already have been corrected.

In short: If you are simply looking for a change in Ultimate Team, Captain Fantastic is definitely the right choice. Those who only look for rewards should rather let off steam in other modes.

Meanwhile, the Team of the Season is also sending its first precursors: The voting for the Community TOTS in FIFA 22 has begun.

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