Fortnite: Unlock Prowler – This is how you solve the tasks for the skin

Fortnite Prowler overview

After a long wait you can now unlock the Prowler in Fortnite. We show you the tasks related to the Spider-Man villain here.

Who is Prowler? “Prowler” is a villain from the Spider-Man universe. Among other things, he appeared in the film “Spider-Man: A New Universe” as one of Miles Morales’ opponents. He also plays an important role in the game “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”.

Now you can get him in Fortnite as a playable skin. For this, however, you have to complete a series of tasks that you get with the Battle Pass.

We’ll show you what you have to do here.

All tasks for Prowler in Fortnite

In addition to the Prowler skin, you can unlock other matching cosmetics
  • Outfit “Prowler”: Complete 3 Prowler contracts
    • Just do any 3 Prowler tasks and you’ll have the skin.
  • Emote: Scratch and Punch: Complete 7 Prowler contracts
    • Just like the outfit – all you have to do is complete all the orders for it.
  • Prowler’s Mark spray motif: Use a spray motif on The Daily Bugle
  • banner icon: Pick up 3 different types of weapons that are at least Epic in the course of a match.
  • Sky Prowler Glider: Search 7 chests in a match before taking damage
    • Here you should try to land in a remote place that is far away from the Battlebus route. Then you have the opportunity to collect many boxes without being attacked first. You can find good landing spots here.
  • Energy Hoe Harvesting Tool: Damage enemies while crouching or sliding (500)
    • The “crouched” variant is particularly useful here, for example by entrenching yourself in tall grass and targeting opponents from afar.
  • “Prowler Style” livery: Get headshots on enemies with an infrared weapon (3 pieces)
    • You don’t have to do this in a single match. But it is precisely here that modes such as “group wedges” come in handy, in which opponents run around a little more openly than, for example, in the solo battle royale. The infrared assault rifle is one of the best weapons of the current Fortnite season.
  • Prowler on the Lookout loading screen: Collect bars (300)
  • Prowler’s Claw Emoticon: Modify a vehicle and then drive it 500 meters over the course of a match.
    • Search here for example at a gas station. There you will quickly find tires to modify and also suitable vehicles.
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Basically, the tasks are not difficult to solve and you should be able to complete them in a short time – especially if you use modes such as group wedges, for example.

Prowler has been unlocked to match the new update in Fortnite. Everything else important in the new Fortnite patch can be found here.