Elden Ring – Malenia is too strong for you? The new update makes them even harder

Mit welcher Klasse startet ihr in Elden Ring?

Problems with Malenia? Now it’s going to get worse.

A new update has been available for Elden Ring since yesterday. You can read all the important new features of Patch 1.4 in a separate article, because here we want to go into a very specific point.

Blood magic is nerfed: There are some builds in the Elden Ring that make it much easier to get through the intermediate lands than others. These include primarily magic and bleeding. Both aspects are constantly being nerfed by From Software to ensure better balancing. However, a new change introduces even more frustrated Tainted to one of the toughest bosses in the game.

That’s why the nerf makes Malenia even more difficult

That is new: The update weakened the magic summon Swarm of Flies, which allowed you to bleed an opponent relatively easily, especially when combined with other bleed effects. Since the update, Swarm of Flies now fills an enemy’s bleed gauge more slowly.

Here’s why bleeding is so effective in Elden Ring: Unlike poisoning, the bleeding effect is instantaneous and cannot be healed once the bar is full. More importantly, Bleed drains an enemy’s HP by a percentage based on how high their health bar is: When Bleed triggers, 15 percent of an enemy’s HP is lost. This is especially effective against bosses with huge LP pools.

Malenia has been the face of Elden Ring since the announcement:

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Elden Ring - E3 trailer reveals roleplaying game by From Software and George RR Martin


Elden Ring – E3 trailer reveals roleplaying game by From Software and George RR Martin

The best weapon against Malenia: When we talk about bosses in Elden Ring we have to mention Malenia because Valkyrie is one of the biggest challenges in the game. Swarm of flies was one of the few surefire remedies against Malenia, like many Comments from the community occupy. But even though the bleed effect isn’t quite as big, the spell still throws her off balance to accommodate a few punches.

There is a celebrated hero in Elden Ring who may also help you with Malenia:

Elden Ring Pro single-handedly kills Malenia for you and is a living co-op legend


more on the subject

Elden Ring Pro single-handedly kills Malenia for you and is a living co-op legend

Is there a healing bug? Reports are piling up that Malenia almost invincible since the patch is – and this has nothing to do with the swarm of flies nerf. The boss will heal if he catches you – it’s always been like that. But now the healing apparently also starts when Malenia waves her sword in the air. It is therefore hardly possible to bring your LP bar to its knees. However, the error should be fixed soon with a hotfix.

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Elden Ring becomes more balanced

Of course, with every change in Elden Ring, there is an outcry from the community. Ultimately, though, the action roleplaying game is likely to be around for years to come, and it makes sense for From Software to make the builds more balanced. For one, the nerfs aren’t so bad that some builds become useless, and for another, buffs are finally making other builds better. Among other things, weapons that rely on strength are now easier to use.

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Have you already felt the new changes in Elden Ring?