iPhone 14: Front camera upgrade should ensure better selfies


According to a new leak, all iPhone 14 models will receive upgrades for the selfie camera in addition to a stronger chip. However, the quality of the images is probably not increased by more megapixels, but by an additional autofocus and a different aperture.

The well-known analyst Ming Chi Kuo recently announced on Twitter that Apple fans can look forward to a small front camera upgrade on all iPhone 14 models. Apple is said to be planning to switch from a fixed focus to an auto focus. In addition, instead of an f/2.2 aperture as in the iPhone 13, an f/1.9 aperture should now be used, which captures more light.

Autofocus and a smaller aperture value for better depth of field

in one follow-up tweet Kuo explained some of the merits of the two changes: “Autofocus support and a lower aperture value can provide a better depth of field effect in selfie and portrait modes. In addition, autofocus can also improve focus effects in FaceTime, video calls, and live streams.”

Another benefit Kuo doesn’t address in his tweet is better image quality when shooting in low light. The lower the aperture value, the larger the opening becomes. More light can therefore enter, which leads to less image noise. By the way, Kuo is not talking about an upgrade of the megapixels for the selfie camera. Here we should again expect a 12-megapixel sensor.

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More megapixels for the main cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro models

The major megapixel upgrade for the iPhone 14 is expected to be for the main sensor – but only for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. According to rumors, Apple is increasing the resolution here for the first time since the release of the iPhone 6s. Instead of a 12-megapixel main sensor, the premium models of the iPhone 14 will probably offer a 48-megapixel sensor. This should also slightly affect the size of the camera module.