Is there Mario Kart for PS4? 7 alternative PlayStation fun racers

Crash Team Racing Activision 17

Unfortunately, the fun racer “Mario Kart” is not available for the PS4, but only for the Nintendo Switch. However, some other fun racers and multiplayer racing games are available on the PS4, which also provide a lot of party fun.

1. “Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled”: Equal competition for “Mario Kart”

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Crash is also pretty crazy in his kart racing game.

Image: © Activision 2019

The bandicoot Crash Bandicoot was once the PlayStation mascot. On the PSOne, Naughty Dog (“Uncharted 4”) gave Crash his own fun racer and another team even gave a successor for the PS2. The two games in combination are available as a revised new edition “Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled” also for the PlayStation 4.

You can compete with up to three human players in arcade mode or compete against each other in the arena. This works both in four-player split-screen and online. You can let off steam alone in either story mode or time trials.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled
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2. “Wipeout Omega Collection”: Futuristic gliders

Wipeout Omega Collection PS4
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“Wipeout” has aged really well.

Image: © Sony 2017

The racing game about the hovering gliders was once one of the flagship titles of the PlayStation consoles. You compete against other drivers and their hovering gliders on futuristic routes. With the help of power-ups, you can shoot them down and even destroy them, similar to “Mario Kart”.

Today, the “Wipeout” series has lost some of its importance, but that’s not due to a lack of quality, like that “Wipeout Omega Collection” proves it. Up to two players compete against each other in split-screen in the included parts “Wipeout HD”, “Wipeout Fury” and “Wipeout 2048”. With 46 gliders on 26 routes, it doesn’t get boring that quickly.

Wipeout Omega Collection
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3. “Trials Rising”: Tricky motorcycle stunts

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“Trials Rising” puts your skills to the test.

Image: © Ubisoft 2022

“Trials Rising” is one of the rare 2D or 2.5D racing games (2.5D means that there are 3D backgrounds). Up to four riders compete with their motorcycle on the same screen and try to get to the finish line as fast as possible. That’s pretty demanding, because the routes are full of obstacles. Also, it’s not that easy to balance and stay on the bike with your motocross rider.

You definitely won’t fall into a rush of speed in “Trials Rising”, but the fun racer is a lot of fun, as it puts your skills and patience to the test.

Trials Rising
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4. “Team Sonic Racing”: Teamwork makes the dream work

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In “Team Sonic Racing” team success counts more than individual performance.

Image: © Sega 2022

Like “Mario Kart 8” and “Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled”, “Team Sonic Racing” is a typical fun racer: You race with Sonic and his friends over colorful tracks from the “Sonic” universe and try different power levels -Ups to enforce against your competitors. However, one special feature distinguishes “Team Sonic Racing” from the other two games.

As the title suggests, teamwork plays an important role in “Team Sonic Racing”. At the end of a race, not only does your personal placement count, but also the performance of your team. So it’s worth supporting your team during the race so that you can celebrate a team victory together. It’s even more fun in multiplayer with friends than with AI comrades.

Team Sonic Racing
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5. “Hot Wheels Unleashed”: Frenzy with toy cars

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The spider tries to slow you down with its web.

Image: © Mattel 2022

Have you used to chase Hot Wheels cars through loops and twisty tracks? With the small toy cars, you can now race digitally over crazy courses. “Hot Wheels Unleashed” offers lots of well-known Hot Wheels vehicles that you steer down the track in first-class arcade style.

Obstacles, magnetic track sections and acceleration lanes ensure that the track never gets boring. Local and online multiplayer lets you join other Hot Wheels fans to see who is the best at controlling their toy cars.

6. “Obliteracers”: shoot karts

Obliteracers PS4
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In the fun racer “Obliteracers” you shoot down the other drivers.

Image: © Deck 13 2018

In “Mario Kart” you can make life hell for your fellow players with the help of power-ups such as bananas and turtle shells and thus give yourself a head start. In “Obliteracers”, however, the battles are not a means to an end, they are the purpose: it’s primarily about shooting the opposing drivers.

The fun racer is played from a bird’s eye view, with all drivers always staying on the same screen section. So it is possible to gamble “Obliteracers” locally with up to 16 players. “Obliteracers” is perfect as a party game, since you can drive your fellow players to insanity with mines, guided missiles, oil drums and the like.

7. “Beach Buggy Racing”: From mobile to PS4

Beach Buggy Racing PS4
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“Beach Buggy Racing” is a “Mario Kart”-like fun racer.

Image: © Vector Unit 2018

“Beach Buggy Racing” was originally a smartphone game that was later ported to the PlayStation 4. The fun racer can be played in split-screen with up to four players on one television. The tracks of the “Mario Kart” clone are varied and contain many shortcuts.

The look is colorful and the power-ups ensure a good mood. Only the graphics cannot keep up with ordinary PS4 racing games due to the mobile background. But the game definitely brings party fun.

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