SEGA: Sega is said to be working on Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio

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According to the well-informed news website Bloomberg Sega is working on the revival of two Dreamcast brands: Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio are said to be the first titles of the Super Game initiative.

Just last week we reported on Sega’s “Super Game Initiative” – ​​the traditional Japanese developer wants to pick up speed again by concentrating on AAA titles for big Sega brands. Well there thanks Bloomberg first more concrete information on the first titles of this realignment.

Crazy Taxi(1999) is supposed to be the first, which caused a sensation during the Dreamcast era – the technically fantastic arcade port enchanted with feel-good graphics, a rocking soundtrack, a no-frills arcade feel and funny mini-games. Two parts later, however, the paint was a bit off, and in the last decade the brand for Sega was at most relevant in the mobile sector. According to Bloomberg, a new Crazy Taxi has been in development for at least a year and should be on the market within the next two to three years.

Brand #2 is Jet Set Radio, the 2000 skater adventure that captivated us back then with its stylish cel-shaded look and cool game world. However, Bloomberg has not yet mentioned any concrete progress in this regard.

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