Marcel Venzke changes from Dornbreite to TSV Pansdorf

Marcel Venzke changes from Dornbreite to TSV Pansdorf

Marcel Venzke’s move is official. “After things happened in the team in the last few months that I still don’t want to comment on, my decision has matured that I need a change of scenery after so many years,” says the 32-year-old veteran, who has been with the F-Jugend am Steinrader Damm plays – with the exception of a two-year intermezzo at ATSV Stockelsdorf. “Everything is new to me in Pansdorf. The club, players and the environment. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Venzke wants to stay in the league with a thorn width

Venzke will wear the FCD jersey five more times if nothing else comes up. It is important for the veteran to say goodbye by staying up. “I’ll give everything for it and concentrate fully on this task,” he emphasizes, adding: “I’m not the type to let myself down. My heart beats for this club, which I just love too much.” In any case, he wants to remain a passive member of the FCD and return after the end of his active career to play with buddies in the old men’s club.

Pansdorf is looking forward to a team player

In Pansdorf they are looking forward to a likeable defensive player who is strong in the air and has a lot of experience. Due to his style of play, Venzke fits perfectly with the Ostholsteiners. Venzke always gives everything and is a real team player. The move makes sense for both sides. “Marcel embodies exactly the virtues that set us apart. We’re happy that the change worked out,” says coach Helge Thomsen.

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The Neu-Pansdorfer was also in conversation with the league club SV Hamberge, where many ex-FCD buddies play. “I wanted to keep playing performance-oriented football. That’s why I decided for the Oberliga and Pansdorf,” explained Venzke.

By Volker Giering