The Witcher 4: Inventors of the Lynx School does not want to see its fan fiction in the game

The Witcher 4 soll nicht unter einer fragilen Open-World leiden.

There will be a new lynx school in the next Witcher.

The Witcher: A New Saga Begins – here simply titled The Witcher 4 for the sake of simplicity – is quite a mystery so far. The announcement teaser gave us nothing more than a lynx medallion in the snow, which presumably represents a new Witcher school that hasn’t yet existed in official lore.

The Lynx School was penned by Smiki55 and Witcher190, two authors of a fan fiction set in the Witcher universe. The two came up with the cat school spin-off. Now expresses itself Smiki55 for the alleged use of his creation (via VG24/7).

What is behind the lynx school? The school of lynx, with whose logo the trailer from the teaser to The Witcher 4 is very similar, emerges from the school of cats. Lambert was declared their leader and decided to reform them radically (via

That’s what the inventor of the Lynx school thinks about The Witcher 4

CD Projekt uses the lynx without consultation: Surprisingly, Smiki55 explains that he and his colleague have never heard of CD Projekt Red. But it has to be said that the fan authors naturally have no rights to the material that was created on the basis of the Witcher IP. Still, it’s strange that there hasn’t been any communication with the team, even after the project was revealed.

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Smiki55 finds its own story rather “mediocre”. According to the author, it wouldn’t be so bad if his stories weren’t used in The Witcher 4. He thinks their fan fiction is just “mediocre” and hopes CD Projekt Red will come up with something more exciting. In addition, he is currently trying to label all his texts so that fans do not mistake them for official lore when they google the lynx school.

There is more about the announcement of The Witcher 4 in the video:

The Witcher reveal reveals almost nothing because it wasn't for you


The Witcher reveal reveals almost nothing because it wasn’t for you

Does the fan fiction really find its way into the game? So far, CD Projekt has only confirmed that the medallion is a lynx. It is currently not known whether this is actually based on the fan creation and whether the game writers will use it as a basis. Of course, it would be beneficial for the studio to build on a story that is already generating interest in the community. But it is also possible that there will be no overlaps except for the animal.

Does the medallion give clues about the playable character?

Who do we play in The Witcher 4? The story of Geralt came to an end with the conclusion of the trilogy. It’s rather unlikely that CD Projekt will let the old witch swing his sword again for the next part, at least as a main character.

There was actually a lot to be said for Ciri as the protagonist, especially since the amulet was initially mistaken for a cat and Geralt’s foster daughter has such a pendant. But this track seems to be cooling off, since CD Projekt countered these speculations with other possibilities with the lynx teaser.

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Here’s what else we know about The Witcher 4:

Can we create a Witcher ourselves? The lynx invented by fans could indicate that The Witcher 4 deals much more loosely with the Witcher material than the first three games. This could also mean that instead of a finished character, there will be an editor with which everyone can create their own dream witcher to tell a very individual story.

What do you wish for The Witcher 4?