Lost Ark: Where are the Arks for Find the Arks quest?

Lost Ark: Where are the Arks for Find the Arks quest?

If you are done with the first continent in Lost Ark, you will be given the task of finding all 7 arks. Here we explain why this can lead to despair and where they are at all. Warning: risk of spoilers!

where are the arks From the end of the first continent, the quest “Find the Arks” accompanies you. It tells you relatively little, except that you should find a total of 7 arks in Arkesia.

Well, you can’t even walk past them. If you follow the main story, which from now on contains light-blue quests instead of the usual red-orange ones, the arks will gradually fall into your hands.

With the completion of the local story quests you will get an ark there:

  • In Luterra collect the 1st ark
  • The 2nd ark is waiting on the island Tortoyk on you
  • Do you have the storyline in Arthetine completed, you will receive the 3rd ark as a gift
  • Do you defeat the demons in Shushire then the 4th ark is waiting for you
  • On the continent raw noble you can pick up the 5th ark
  • And in Feiton At the end of the story, the sixth ark awaits

Once you have collected the arks, they are stowed away in Trixion. You can reach this place with the song of Trixion, which you can play via the menu on F2. All the arks you have collected can be viewed there.

What’s next? Not at all. Because the task of finding all 7 arks cannot be solved at the moment. Lost Ark is an ongoing MMORPG whose story is not finished yet.

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Therefore, at the current time, neither in Korea nor in our version are all 7 arks in the game and the existing 6 are over for the time being.

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So you can hide the quest

Help, the quest sucks: There are far too many other quests in Lost Ark to stare at one quest that just can’t be solved. But there is a trick for that too:

If you open the quest menu, by default with “J”, you will find the main quest “Find the Arks” under the “Arkesia” tab. If you now remove the yellow tick in the box on the right, the quest will disappear from your active tracker. Then you don’t have them constantly sticking to the right side of the screen.

So you can hide the quest

When can you complete them? It is not yet known when the 7th Ark will come at all, or when it will also be available in our version of Lost Ark. The only thing that is certain is that the story should not end with the finding of the 7th ark.

In an interview, Smilegate’s game director, Gold River, confirmed that it must continue after that. He said jokingly that he had to earn his money somehow. How exactly it goes on when the arks are found, he leaves completely open. In any case, Lost Ark will be with us for a few more years.

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