Don’t worry, the LoL MMORPG is doing fine – boss explains his latest tweets

Don't worry, the LoL MMORPG is doing fine - boss explains his latest tweets

Players are eagerly awaiting the MMORPG for League of Legends (LoL). A few weeks ago, word circulated that the match was not guaranteed. Now the boss clarifies what was meant.

This happened recently: The head of the MMO, which is currently under development, caused a stir with tweets on Twitter. Greg Street spoke about the state of the game. But a few details were weighed on the gold scales or misunderstood.

In new tweets, he explains what was misunderstood, how the game is doing, and Riot Games’ policy on new games.

“It’s going great. The team is so well positioned”

The boss says: Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street is leading the development of the LoL MMORPG. He says:

A few weeks ago I wrote a tweet to emphasize my commitment to this MMO. Some players and media picked up the “may never be released” part and concluded that development isn’t going well. Spoilers: It’s going great. This team is in such good shape.

But there is no guarantee that a game will be released in this store. Anyone making that promise is basically saying they’ll release the game even if it’s disappointing. We will not release a disappointing game. (We also won’t crunch just to make sure the game is as good as it can be.)

Source: Greg Street on Twitter

He explains the things that could prevent the implementation of this MMO and how to proceed. “Do I think Riot will eventually release an MMO? Absolutely. There are so many reasons to do that.”

But he explains that he might not be the right boss for it, that the right team might not yet exist, or that the design might not be the right one yet. But the company would stick with the developer until it’s the game you want it to be.

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what happened before In the previous tweets Street references, he wrote that there was no guarantee that this game would be released. Riot is very optimistic that it will work, but you never know what will happen. He explains that it will probably be his last big project he is working on and is quite happy with the prospect.

So if the current project doesn’t meet Riot Games’ high standards, it won’t be released in that state.