Major Streamer Admits He Cheated on Steam Hit Among Us – “For the Content”

Major Streamer Admits He Cheated on Steam Hit Among Us - "For the Content"

Former Twitch streamer Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren has now revealed a big secret: He cheated on the “Among Us” hype at the time so that his videos and streams would be more exciting for viewers.

What is Among Us game? You can roam along with 14 other players as little space technicians. There are traitors among you who gradually want to kill everyone else.

You have to unmask the traitors in discussion rounds, throw them out of the spaceship and solve various small tasks, the completion of which can also bring you victory.

What was the “Among Us” hype? In 2020, multiplayer survival was suddenly trending on Steam, Twitch and smartphone app stores. The reason for this was numerous streamers who suddenly discovered Among Us for themselves, even though it was released in 2018.

The numbers for 2020:

  • Among Us has been watched for over 419 million hours.
  • Almost 900,000 streamers broadcast the game on their Twitch channel.
  • One of them was Ludwig, who, alongside Minecraft and Rust, gained popularity through Among Us.

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Ludwig admits: I cheated for exciting content

What brought Among Us to Ludwig? While his streams averaged 3,000 to 4,000 viewers in early 2020, it was around 20,000 people by the end of the year.

His success was also noticeable on YouTube: he played in a lobby with the most well-known Twitch streamers and YouTubers. These included PewDiePie, Pokimane and Sykkuno – the video generated over 1.2 million views. Ludwig also gambled with the programmer and the artist from Among Us.

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The multiplayer survival brought Ludwig some notoriety and now the YouTuber confessed: I cheated for the content.

What did Ludwig say? “I cheated,” the 26-year-old began his confession on the podcast “The Yard”. One of his interlocutors then asked “In what? At school, yes, of course?”. “In Among Us!” Ludwig replied and explained how he cheated:

For interesting content, I paid attention to the chat that was in emote-only mode and I could guess who they meant by the emotes [der, der Verräter sein sollte]. (…) And then I adjusted the content accordingly, but not in the brilliant sense. It’s like, “Oh, Sykkuno is the traitor? Let me hang out with him the whole game and then pretend like I’ve been totally manipulated.”


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This can be forgiven, said the podcast members and asked Ludwig if he also cheated in tournaments – the streamer vehemently denied this, although he was probably “very honest” and closed the chat.

Streamer colleagues are shocked: “I’ll never trust again”

What do his fellow streamers say? During a Minecraft stream, Sykkuno, Ludwig, Disguised Toast and other streamers played together. While there, Disguised Toast watched the podcast featuring Ludwig’s cheat confession: “I have news folks,” Toast began, and continued, “My entire friendship with someone here was based on a lie because he cheated on Among Us.”

Thinking Ludwig was a good player in Survival, he texted him that as the very first message and they became friends, but “when he was playing Among Us with us, he looked at the chat!” Toast exclaimed, disappointed.

“I’ll never trust again,” Disguised Toast said as the other streamers shouted “what?”, “really?”, in shock. Ludwig clarified the situation and the others then said nothing more or understood why he was cheating.

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