Tomorrow Blizzard introduces a new game to Warcraft – we know that so far

Tomorrow Blizzard introduces a new game to Warcraft - we know that so far

Blizzard is hosting a new event on May 3rd to showcase the new Warcraft mobile game. We at MeinMMO reveal when the event will take place, what is known about the game so far and what leakers say it should be.

When does the performance take place? Warcraft Mobile will be unveiled on May 3rd at 7:00pm GMT. You can watch the live stream via the Blizzard official website pursue.

We at MeinMMO will summarize all important information for you in an article immediately after the announcement.

What game is this going to be? This is not really known yet. However, there are already two interesting statements by Bobby Kotik about the game:

  • It should be a new premium product in the Warcraft universe
  • You want to maintain and expand the community of World of Warcraft
  • In addition, years ago there was a job advertisement looking for employees for an MMO-RTS as a mobile game

Whether it will actually be a strategy game or something completely different, we will probably find out tomorrow. However, players have some theories and a well-known gaming journalist seems to be able to partially confirm them.

By the way, anyone looking for a new strategy game from the creators of Warcraft should keep an eye on Spellcraft. Here’s a trailer for it:

A New Strategy Game From The Makers Of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo Is Coming – See Trailer 1

Will Warcraft Mobile be its own version of Clash of Clans?

What do the players suspect? There are currently the following player theories about Warcraft Mobile:

  • A clone of Pokémon GO
  • A mobile MMORPG of its own
  • Pet battles from WoW as a separate game
  • A hero collector
  • An RTS, somewhat in the direction of Clash of Clans
  • A separate MOBA that could be combined with the collection factor of a hero collector
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Well-known gaming journalist Jason Schreier claims that Blizzard is currently working on at least two mobile games. One of them should be a game similar to Clash of Clans, one in turn should be based on Pokémon GO (via Resetera).

Which of these two games will be announced tomorrow is currently unknown. However, the Warcraft GO is said to have already been canceled, as the editor Jez Corden from Windows Central claims (via Twitter). So everything points to some kind of clash of clans.

What could a Warcraft-style Clash of Clans look like? When it comes to RTS and mobile, the first thing that comes to mind is Clash of Clans. There you build your own village with resources, walls, defenses and barracks and attack other players from there – or be attacked by them.

So the basic idea fits well with the Warcraft franchise and could even be linked to iconic personalities from the world.

The step would also be logical for Blizzard, because Clash of Clans is a huge success and even has its own e-sports scene. The game was bought by Tencent in 2016 and helped the gaming giant grow even bigger:

A gaming company is bigger than Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft – And their crest is a fucking penguin