Pokémon GO is secretly changing the rocket encounters, trainers are happy

Pokémon GO is secretly changing the rocket encounters, trainers are happy

In Pokémon GO, the rocket encounters were surprisingly changed for the air event. We’ll give you an overview of what’s new.

What happened? Today, May 3rd, is the start date for the big air adventure event in Pokémon GO. During the event, Legendary Mega Pokémon will appear for the first time. There are also changed spawns, limited research and even more exciting content.

Niantic has not announced any changes to Team GO-Rocket, but the first participants in the event have already compiled the information. So you see the balloons more often now.

Rocket balloons and encounters in the air event

That is new: Players in earlier time zones have already been able to gather important information about the air event. This is how trainer GloomySelf reports on the following changes reddit:

  • The Rocket Balloons appear every hour, so you now have one chance to battle a member of Team GO Rocket every hour
  • The Bullies in the Rocket Balloons only fight with Rock, Bug, or Flying-type Pokemon – You can find the counter-types in Pokemon GO here
  • Sometimes the bullies use new teams. Confirmed so far are Amonitas and Larvitar on Team Rock, Bluzuk on Team Beetle and Zubat and Gyarados / Dragoran on Team Flug – Screenshots show that Crypto Amonitas and Crypto Bluzuk can be caught as Shiny.
  • It seems that the new teams can only be found on Rocket Balloon Grunts

In addition, players from the community confirm that the fights against the bullies are now even easier than usual.

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The changes are well received by the coaches. They delight in the frequency of balloons and certain encounters.

  • “Crypto-Larvitar Hype! I just can’t get enough of them,” writes kobo1d (via reddit)
  • “Hourly rockets? Time to grind for Amfira I suppose,” stillnotelf writes (via reddit)

How do you like the changes to Team GO Rocket? Are you also looking forward to the increased number of balloons and want to make the most of them with the new Pokémon in them, or isn’t that an incentive for you to do more rocket battles? Write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments.

Team GO Rocket will also play an important role at GO Fest 2022.