Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour Today With Wingull And More Candies

Pokemon GO Shiny Wingull

Pokémon GO is running Spotlight Hour with Wingull today, May 3rd. We’ll show you everything about the candy bonus, start time and the Shinys.

What is this event? Spotlight Hour runs every Tuesday in Pokémon GO. For a period of 60 minutes, the focus is on a Pokémon that the developers chose for the event. This is then accompanied by a bonus that is intended to make the event even more exciting.

Today’s “Spotlight Hour” focuses on the Pokémon Wingull. It comes from the third generation of the game and belongs to the types Water and Flying. There is also a bonus that affects your candies.

May 3rd Spotlight Hour with Wingull Content

When does it start? As you know from other events, the starting shot will be fired again at 6:00 p.m. local time. The event will then be active for one hour and will end at 19:00 local time.

What bonuses are there? Everywhere in the wilderness you will meet Wingull. His spawns are significantly increased. If you want more encounters with the Pokémon, you can ignite a smoke during the event, because then it mainly attracts Wingull.

In addition, you get double the amount of candies when you catch Pokémon. So it can also be worthwhile for you if you complete raids during the event period and then receive more candies for the raid bosses caught.

Can you catch Shiny Wingull? Yes, Wingull’s shiny form is already available in Pokémon GO. With luck you can catch it. In the following graphic we show you Wingull and its further development Pelipper in the normal form and in the shiny form.

Normal Wingull and Pelipper (in blue) and the iridescent forms (in green)

Is today’s spotlight worth it?

This is how strong it gets: You can’t really use Wingull itself in raids or trainer battles. Its further development Pelipper is useful. It still performs in the upper midfield in the super league and in the hyper league – but there are better alternatives there too.

The spotlight hour today is therefore especially worthwhile for the candy bonus or if you want to have an “okay”-performing attacker for the super or hyper league with Pelipper. There is a chance of shinys, but it is not increased for the event.

Many more events are starting in the coming weeks. You can find an overview of all dates and events in May 2022 at Pokémon GO on MeinMMO.