Former GTA boss is working on a new AAA game that should be in no way inferior to the world hit

GTA Online and GTA 6 could soon face competition from Everywhere.

GTA Online and GTA 6 could soon face competition from Everywhere.

Former Rockstar President Leslie Benzies is credited with being one of the creative minds behind the GTA-To play. But then it came to a rupture and a court hearing. What followed was the exit and ultimately Leslie Benzies founded his own development studio with Build A Rocket Boy. That was in 2017, and since then he’s been working on a title called Everywhere with some other GTA veterans. A game that has been very mysterious up until now, but which we are finally learning a little more about.

New game from GTA makers should be like Ready Player One, only in real

What is Everywhere? For a long time there were only very nebulous announcements and full-bodied promises about what exactly Everywhere should actually be. Now we are finally finding out a bit more about it and are being served tangible keywords. The first bits of information about the background story are now available:

  • open world: Everywhere will probably get a large, seamless game world.
  • AAA: The new project should not be a small indie game.
  • multiplayer: It remains unclear whether there should also be multiplayer or only.
  • Epic story: The story unfolds over several chapters.
  • user content: Thanks to sandboxes, players can create their own content.
  • social and streaming are said to be “deeply integrated” with Everywhere.

Where does the information come from? From a report by business analyst Roberto Serrano covering companies in which Galaxy Interactive has invested. Among other things, this includes Build a Rocket Boy, whose game is not mentioned by name, but apparently that’s exactly what it’s all about.

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This is what we know about the story: Everywhere plays according to the official website in the near future where a new technology creates excitement and conflict. It’s about nothing less than helping yourself or possibly the whole world, everything should change and of course a fight between good and evil breaks out, but “in the hearts of men and women”. This technology could be a game within a game, “a community”, a “new world”.

Extremely ambitious: Even when Everywhere was announced in 2017, the project sounded extremely ambitious. At the time, it was said that Everywhere would become a platform on which gamers could not only entertain themselves, but also where “the boundaries between reality and a simulated world are blurred”. In 2020 there were statements about various investments and that the real world should be merged with the virtual one.

How does all this sound to you? What do you expect, what do you hope for, what do you fear?