Bored in Elden Ring? Play the bubble build and blow your opponents to bits

Elden Ring Bubbles Build Inventory

Elden Ring has been on the market for a few weeks now. For many players, the air is therefore already out a little. If you’re looking for a change and want to play a truly unique build, then we at MeinMMO want to introduce you to something: the deadly bubble build.

Elden Ring enjoys great popularity and continues to be celebrated by players 3 months after its release. But some fans are currently out of breath.

The secrets may have all been discovered and the PvP has annoying problems that can get in the way of the fun of the game. In addition, the New Game+ cannot make all players completely happy.

Whether you already know Elden Ring inside out or are just looking for a new twist, we’ve got a build for you that’s as fun as it is powerful. Here you destroy bosses with bubbles.

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Bubble Build: This is how you simply blow up your opponents

What build is this? For a few weeks now, the soap bubble build has been circulating in the Elden Ring community as a kind of absurd insider tip among builds. Because the soap bubbles in the game are not only bizarre and funny, they are actually very strong.

Certain weapons in the game, such as the envoy’s horn, let you use their weapon talent to fire holy bubbles that can cause a lot of damage. In this way, trumpets become deadly wind instruments in more than one sense.

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YouTuber skumnut featured this build in more detail in a video. It not only shows how exactly this build should be put together. He also shows how he literally blows over gigantic endgame bosses like the dragonlord Placudisax or the Eldenbeast.

Here you can see the video of skumnut:

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What weapons does the build use? The build is all about 2 weapons:

  • Messenger’s horn
  • Envoy’s Longhorn

Both weapons are on the strong A rank in our tier list. The largest form of this weapon type, the Great Horn of the Envoy, is not good enough to use in the YouTuber’s eyes.

Both weapons are rare drops from the envoys, which you can find just after the entrance in the capital Leyndell or at the crown of the Halig tree. The larger enemies drop the longhorn, the smaller ones the simple envoy’s horn.

If you are already in the late game, the enemies will no longer appear in Leyndell. Here you have to switch to the Haligbaum, which is a much worse alternative due to the terrain. So, if possible, try to get hold of the weapons in the capital before defeating Maliketh.

This is what the YouTuber’s bubble build looks like

To do this, he uses a finger seal to be able to use the Golden Oath invocation. This increases the attack power and defense of you and your allies.

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What armor does the build use? The YouTuber uses the envoy crown as armor because it strengthens bubble attacks. You can find this crown southwest of the place of mercy “Haligbaum – Krone”, hidden on the corpse behind a very large envoy.

For the optical “rounding off” he also used the robe of the nobleman of the god scalps, since it gives your character the round body shape of the envoys.

On talismans are used:

  • Legacy of the Two Fingers: Increases Faith
  • Marika’s Wound Seal: Significantly increases your attributes, but also the damage you take
  • Shard of Alexander: Increases the damage of weapon talents
  • Sacred Scorpion Talisman: Boosts holy attacks, lowers damage resistance

For the medicine bottle, he mixes the following tears so that the build is further buffed in the short term.

  • Faith Knot Crystal Tear: Increase your faith briefly
  • Cracked Holyveil Tear: Briefly boosts your holy attacks

What attributes does the build use? Since both weapons scale up with the faith attribute and the weapon talent is the star of the show, the points are distributed accordingly at level 150:

  • Power: 51
  • Spirit: 30
  • Condition: 25
  • Strength: 23
  • Skill: 12
  • wisdom: 9
  • Believe: 70
  • Arcane Energy: 9

Build adds variety thanks to the rain of deadly soap bubbles

What makes the build so good? If you’re looking for some variety in Elden Ring, you should definitely try the Bubble Build.

Not only does he play like no other build and can thus loosen up the routine in Elden Ring, he is also simply very strong as a build. And that in PvE and PvP.

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Thanks to the attribute distribution, you can also flexibly use other faith builds if you want. The insanely strong Blasphemous Blade, for example, is well suited if you want to swing a sword in the classic way.


  • Does a lot of damage
  • Plays like no other build
  • You can flexibly switch to other faith builds

  • Weapons must be farmed
  • Only really good in the Late Game or New Game Plus.

What are the disadvantages of the build? The big disadvantage of the build is that you have to be patient for the core. Because the weapons, without which the build is not possible, are relatively laborious and annoying to farm – especially if you only have the Halig tree as a farming spot.

In addition, the build will only be playable once you have already been to the capital. Since the envoy crown can only be found in the Halig tree, it only gets really good from the late game or in the New Game Plus.

What do you say about the build? Have you heard of it or maybe even tried it? Looking for ways to break up an Elden Ring routine right now? Or are you already playing other games? Tell us in the comments.

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