Silent Hill probably exclusively for PS5 – remake of part 2 apparently also in the works

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An all-new Silent Hill is rumored to be in the works for the Sony PS5. Bloober Team is also said to be working on a remake of Silent Hill 2.

Hamburg – A new Silent Hill is right at the top of the gaming wish list for gamers. Ever since developer legend Hideo Kojima and director Guillermo del Toro’s reimagining of the franchise fell through, it’s been quiet about another installment in the series. But now things seem to be bubbling up behind the scenes at Silent Hill again. Konami is said to be working with Sony on a new Silent Hill that will be exclusive to the Sony PS5. At the same time, a remake of the series favorite Silent Hill 2 is said to be in the works. The Polish horror professionals from the Bloober Team are available as developers. What’s with the rumours?

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Silent Hill: PS5 Exclusive is said to be in the works at Konami and Sony

Is Sony and Konami developing a Silent Hill exclusively for the PS5? Of course, nothing is officially known yet, but many assume that the rumors about a new Silent Hill for the Sony PS5 could be true. One of the rumor’s strongest supporters is well-known insider and Venturebeat editor Jeff Grubb.

Grubb assumes a new Silent Hill main game for the PS5 and a Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team. A strong indicator for the gaming veteran is a big announcement Konami wanted to make at last year’s E3, but then pulled out at the last second. In addition, a first image from the new Silent Hill has allegedly leaked in the past few days.

Grubb also sees a high probability of exclusivity from the new Silent Hill for the Sony PS5. The absence of a new Silent Hill on the competing Xbox Series X platform would certainly be a blow to Microsoft, but it wouldn’t come entirely out of nowhere. Even the last attempt to revive Silent Hill at the hands of developer Hideo Kojima was a PlayStation exclusivity.

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Silent Hill: Part 2 remake is also said to be in development

Is the Bloober Team currently working on a remake of Silent Hill 2? So far, speculation about a remake of Silent Hill 2 has only been based on hearsay from leakers.NateTheHate2‘, on which Jeff Grubb bases his assessment. Nothing has been confirmed yet when it comes to Silent Hill 2 Remake, a development by the Polish Bloober team, but it seems to make sense. The developer has distinguished himself in the past through various works on horror games. Most recently, Bloober Team released The Medium game.

Silent Hill probably exclusively for PS5 – remake of part 2 apparently also in the works

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A game on the scale of an elaborate horror remake seems to fit seamlessly into the development studio’s vita. Also suspicious: Akira Yamaoka, the mastermind behind the Silent Hill series’ toenail-snapping scores, was already working on Bloober Teams The Medium. In addition, the developer’s games catalog is said to find its way onto Sony’s new PS Plus.

Even alongside the Silent Hill main game and Silent Hill 2 remake, the speculation about the Konami series just doesn’t stop. According to VGC, other game developers such as Annapurna Interactive or Supermassive Games are said to have pitched designs for a new Silent Hill. Annapurna could play a role in the development of the new main game, according to rumors, while Supermassive Games (Until Dawn) is working on its own Silent Hill spin-off. Players could soon find out what is ultimately true: In early summer, as part of the Summer Games Fest, many important gaming announcements are traditionally made.

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