Twitch hacked again? Viewers banned a thousand times

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Has Twitch been hacked? In several live streams, thousands of viewers were banned in the chat. That’s behind it.

San Francisco – Millions of people flock to the Twitch platform every day to stream or watch streams themselves. Recently, an incident has led many people to believe that Amazon’s platform has been hacked. We reveal what was behind the supposed Twitch hack.

platform name Twitter
founding date June 2011
parent company Amazon
pageviews 1.2 billion (April 2022)
active streamers 7,677,961 (April 2022)

twitch hacked? German streamers switch off

What happened? On May 20th, several streamers were apparently affected by the same problem. In the Twitch chat, viewers were constantly being provided with bans and time-outs. There was no apparent reason. Twitch streamer xRohat showed a snippet of such scenes in xQc’s chat on his Instagram story. At the same time, he announced on Twitter that Twitch must have been hacked. One of his fans posted a screenshot as proof in the comments.

The problems meant that some streamers went offline so as not to endanger their own data and that of the fans. When Twitch was hacked in October 2021, the culprits stole an enormous amount of user data. So it’s no wonder that some now prefer to play it safe.

twitch hacked? Support gives the all-clear on Twitter

What’s behind it? There is actually an all clear. To all appearances, the problems were not a hack at Twitch or Streamelements. Rather, a technical error was the cause of the many bans in the chat. Twitch Support reported this via Twitter. There it says: “We’re investigating an issue preventing users from chatting due to unpredictable chat behavior.

Twitch: An alleged hack caused a stir

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A little later there was already the message: “We fixed the issue that was preventing some users from chatting. Affected users should be able to chat again once they refresh the page.Contrary to initial fears, it was not a hack of the Twitch platform.

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