EA allegedly wants to be bought, plans to lay off 200 employees

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from Sarah Petzold
Electronic Arts is currently apparently trying to be bought by a larger company. Target buyers are probably Amazon, Apple or Disney. A merger with NBCUniversal is also in the pipeline.

Could the gaming industry’s next big takeover deal soon be upon us? After Microsoft already wants to incorporate Activision Blizzard and Sony has bought the Destiny studio Bungie, Electronic Arts probably also wants to take part in the big sales game. However, the company does not (any longer) plan to incorporate another company, but instead would like to be bought out itself.

Merger or takeover: EA tries to deal with Disney and Co.

As the editorial board of Kotaku with reference to one Report of the industry magazine Puck (Paywall) reports that EA is in merger talks with NCBCUniversal as well as negotiations for a possible takeover by Disney, Apple or Amazon. According to Puck reporter Dylan Beyers, EA is trying very hard to make a takeover and is all the more motivated by the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. However, some sources also claimed that EA’s main goal is a merger that will put CEO Andrew Wilson at the helm of the combined company.

Negotiations with NCBUniversal were well advanced, but a merger probably fell through due to disagreements over the financial terms of the deal. As Beyers reports, Wilson then approached Disney in March 2022 to initiate negotiations for a takeover. The fact that EA is aiming for a takeover by Disney, among other things, is probably no coincidence. After all, the publisher has not extended the deal for the exclusive Star Wars license after 2023, so other publishers with Star Wars projects are now coming around the corner. D

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