Fortnite: How well do you know the Battle Royale? – Geoguessr version released

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How well do you know the map in Fortnite? A fan of the game has published their own Geoguessr version of the Battle Royale.

Maryland, USA – Fortnite’s map has undergone some major changes in the past. However, some locations on the map have kept returning over the years. A Fortnite player posted a mix of Fortnite and Geoguessr. There are a variety of map versions for you to guess. We’ll show you what the Fortnite Geoguessr mix is ​​actually up to.

name of the game Fortnite
release July 21, 2017
Publishers EpicGames
developer Epic Games, People Can Fly
platform PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Android
genre Battle Royale

Fortnite: Player Releases Geoguessr Hybrid – Fanbase Celebrates Free Game

Fortnite’s map in transition: A look back at the Fortnite map shows how much has changed over the years. A simple map without major attractions has turned into a game landscape with airships, NPCs, cars and lots of events. Epic Games hasn’t been shy about rolling out their ideas in Fortnite.

The transformation of the map claims the long-term memory of true connoisseurs. They can now prove their knowledge of the map in a Fortnite Geoguessr game. The Reddit user “TheEdenChild” has developed a game that takes you to a randomly generated point on the Fortnite map.

Once there, you have to use a pin to set your waypoint on the Fortnite map. You can move freely on the map to determine your position more precisely. The game principle is very similar to Geoguessr. However, the developer makes no secret of the fact that Geoguessr was the main inspiration for this version of Fortnite.

Fortnite: How well do you know the Battle Royale? – Geoguessr version released

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“Where in Fornite?” is the title of the Geoguessr clone. On this site, you can play it for free. You have the choice of playing in the first, second, third or all chapters. The supreme discipline is of course formed in the latter. The latest map change actually seems to have caused a bug of galactic proportions in Fortnite.

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Fans love Geoguessr game: The Fortnite community really liked the Geoguessr version tailored for Epic Games’ Battle Royale. Fortnite-Geoguessr has received more than 15,000 likes over the past four years. That this project was primarily developed out of passion is shown by the fact that updates for the Fortnite Geofooter are appearing to this day.

Epic Games itself doesn’t seem to have anything against the fan project. Memorize the current Fortnite map well, because Chapter 3 in Fortnite will end in a few days. Everything points to the map being leveled once more. Obi Wan Kenobi is probably the last hope in Fortnite.

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