State of Play: Sony event predicted by insiders for early June

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Is Sony’s next State of Play coming up soon? The hints of some insiders to condense. These games could be shown.

Update from 05/19/2022: Last week Jeff Grubb, now Tom Henderson. Both insiders have commented on Sony’s next State of Play and think it’s coming soon. The two insiders could not say an exact date. Henderson writes in his tweet: “As with all Sony events I’ve talked about, I don’t know an exact date [der State of Play, Anm. d. Red.] (because Sony is very different)…However, an early State of Play would certainly fit into Sony PlayStation’s schedule, according to Henderson.

Company Name Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
CEO Jim Ryan
head office San Mateo, California
founding November 16, 1993, as Sony Computer Entertainment
number of employees about 1,400
Current console PlayStation 5 (PS5)

First report from 05/14/2022: San Mateo – Summer in the gaming industry is usually packed with game fairs and presentations of upcoming games. While E3 2022 has already been cancelled, Gamescom 2022 should even take place on site again. Since the corona pandemic, many publishers and developer studios have also been using online events to show details about upcoming games. So does Sony with the State of Play, which takes place every few months.

PlayStation: New State of Play from Sony – Insider Jeff Grubb names the date

The next State of Play from Sony: Sony’s last State of Play was a few weeks ago and finally showed new information about Hogwarts Legacy. The presentation took place in March 2022 and showed a detailed trailer of the upcoming Harry Potter game. But since then it’s been quiet and fans are slowly itching their fingers. So when is Sony’s next State of Play coming?

PlayStation: State of Play soon – Jeff Grubb names date in June

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According to insider and gaming journalist Jeff Grubb, fans won’t have to wait much longer. According to its sources, PlayStation, based in San Mateo, is planning a State of Play for the first week of June. Grubb shared this on his podcast, but cautioned that it was just a rumor. Jeff Grubb did not want to be pinned down to a specific date. However, several sources are said to have confirmed to him that the next State of Play will take place in early June.

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PlayStation: Sony’s State of Play coming soon – that could be revealed

The games at State of Play: With an official announcement pending from the San Mateo-based company, it’s too early to say which games will be featured at Sony’s next State of Play. Since the Hogwarts Legacy release date was only given as “Holiday 2022”, it is quite possible that fans will get an exact date here.

God of War Ragnarok: Trailer in PlayStation Showcase leaves an important question unanswered.


But there could also be new information about God of War Ragnarök at the State of Play. The Sony title is scheduled to celebrate its release this year and has already received a trailer. The trailer for Final Fantasy 16 could also be shown at the next State of Play. The producer of the Square Enix title has already confirmed that fans will soon be able to see the new trailer.

Although Jeff Grubb got hints at Sony’s State of Play in June, he couldn’t say exactly what will be shown there. The company from San Mateo definitely has enough choices. At the latest when the official announcement is made, fans should know which games will be shown at Sony’s State of Play in June 2022.

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