Sunday Question: Which Soulsborne game is the best? – News

Sunday Question: Which Soulsborne game is the best?  - News


There are many Souls games, but if you could only choose one and all others would be erased from this reality afterwards, which would it be?

Elden Ring from €53.98 to buy.

Almost three months have passed since the release of Elden ring (In the test, grade 8.5) passed, many deaths, a few quests completing patches and 13.4 million copies sold later, it’s time for the question for all Souls-affine: Which Soulsborne title is the crème de la crème ? Tell us by voting in the poll below. Feel free to justify your favorites in the comments or leave helpful discussion impulses like “I know soul, but what kind of music genre is Soulsborne please?” and “FromSoftware stinks!”.

Today’s Sunday question was a suggestion from the community, more precisely from the user Vampiro. You have until Monday at 09:00 to cast your vote – if you change your mind, you can still log in another answer until then. We will then close the survey and present you with the resulting opinion a little later in the form of a news update. Like Vampiro, do you have your own ideas for a Sunday question? Then send a PM to Hagen. You can also post suggestions in the comments, which improves discoverability enormously if the word “suggestion” also appears in the comment.

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