Diablo 4 release: When will the new Diablo appear?

What is the current status of the hotly anticipated diablo 4? Since the Announced at BlizzCon 2019 fans ask the same question month after month. When is Diablo 4 coming out?

Although holds up BlizzardEntertainment didn’t return with the in-depth look at the game that the team presents in the form of quarterly quarterly updates, but the official one release date there is still reserved.

The second quarterly update for 2022 should be just around the corner. We take this as an opportunity to review the development of “Diablo 4” and the speculation about a release.

Release date for Diablo 4: between hopes and rumors

Just a few days after the official announcement, a leak indicated that Diablo 4 would be released in the spring To be launched in 2021. First gameplay trailer and information about the classes and abilities as well as controversial messages around microtransactions as well as one “Online Compulsion” fueled the optimistic forecast.

In the course of the financial conference, however, it became clear that neither the fourth offshoot of the expected action RPG nor the successor of over watch to be expected. So fans bet theirs Hopes for 2022.

diablo 4Diablo 4: Blizzard delivers new signs of life, but unfortunately only for the sound

By the way, there can be no talk of a release postponementas Blizzard never announced a specific date.

With the 3rd Quarterly Report 2021 was indirectly admitted that although a release in 2022 was planned internally, the launch is now expected to be later than originally assumed.

The last official update came in the form of the first quarterly update on March 22. Themed “Back to Darkness” it was explained how Sankturio should visually find its way back to its roots. Unsurprisingly, no word was said about a release period.

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As of today, most media portals tap on Release 2023. The colleagues from PC Games N speculate, for example, on the end of the year and also throw early 2024 in the room while tz.de a surprising release for the Christmas business 2022 do not want to rule it out entirely.

Meanwhile, the second major flagship Overwatch 2 reached the beta phase. On the one hand, it gives hope that “Diablo 4” will soon do the same, on the other hand, there is more after that sobering feedback on the beta for Blizzard to turn some of the screws of the multiplayer hero shooter and that will cost capacities.

Overwatch 2Overwatch 2 Beta is coming soon, so sign up

As soon as the next quarterly report is published, we will of course summarize the update for you as usual! Until then, maybe take a look at the remaster Diablo 2: Resurrected worthwhile to bridge the waiting time.