Monkey Island 2: There is one thing Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman regret

Monkey Island 2: There is one thing Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman regret

Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman worked on both The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

For the upcoming Return to Monkey Island, they are bringing their creative minds together again, but of course the discussions about the new part are also about the predecessors.

One thing they regret

Opposite to GamesBeat brought up one thing that Gilbert and Grossman regret about Monkey Island 2. This is the game’s Monety Wrench puzzle, in which you use a real monkey to fix what appears to be a broken pump.

They describe it as “notoriously unsolvable”, and it is “not a good design on several levels”.

More news about Monkey Island:

“Even if you speak English and come from a country where the tool required is commonly referred to as a ‘monkey wrench’ and realize that that’s exactly what you need, you still have to make an amazing prediction about how your actions will lead you get hold of this tool,” says Grossman. “Nothing in the game adequately prepares for that.”

For him, it’s still the best example of “what not to do in puzzle design.” It has influenced his way of thinking to this day.

“The player has to be able to sort of visualize what needs to be done. When they give up and look at a clue, I want their reaction to be, ‘Oh, that makes sense, I should have thought of that!’ and not, ‘How on earth was I ever supposed to think of that, you ridiculous, unfair clowns?!'”

Return to Monkey Island ties in with the end of Monkey Island 2 and accordingly begins in an amusement park. It is scheduled for release in 2022 for PC and consoles.

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