NFT TV series stopped after Bored Ape was ‘stealed’

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Actor/producer Seth Green (Rat Race, Austin Powers, Buffy, etc.) is the creative force behind comedies like Robot Chicken and its numerous offshoots, and a generation of internet comedy has been influenced by his vast body of work.

In order to always be up to date and to survey the wild jungle that the Internet can be, the Philadelphia-born author has developed an NFT-based TV showstarring Bored Apes.

Main actor of the NFT series is “stolen”

The series “White Horse Tavern”, currently in development and co-produced by Gary Vaynerchuk, faltered when Seth fell for a phishing scam. No exact details were given, but through the scam the actor and producer lost access to four NFTswho were important to the development of the show.

These include Bored Ape #8398, voiced by Green himself and the main character of the series. In a situation like this, managing the copyright bureaucracy is particularly difficult as the legal system is unfamiliar with NFT ownership.

Hoping to resolve this issue, Seth reached out directly to the stolen Ape’s new owner, Twitter user DarkWing84. He asked the supposed new owner to “contact me so that we can solve the problem”.

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If NFT main actors are stolen – what world do we live in?

User reactions amid a flurry of NFT and crypto mockery after last month’s phenomenal crash weren’t exactly kind to the comedian. Too many scams plague the world of NFTs and other crypto scams that seem to be mainly used by criminals and for money laundering.