Sniper Elite 5: Designer reveals game time and weapon count

The release of Sniper Elite 5 is already within reach. At the May 26, 2022 will be the stealth shooter for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and released the PC. Appropriately, Wccftech conducted an interview with the lead designer of the title. Among other things, he revealed how long the campaign will last and what number of weapons awaits you in the game.

So many missions are waiting for you in Sniper Elite 5

Jordan Woodward, Head of Design at rebellionfaced the questions of the editors of Wccftech. At the beginning, the questioners wanted to know right away how many missions the new third-person shooter will have in store. According to Woodward, players will eight missions have to ask and also play through an epilogue. In his estimation, this will leisurely players, should they also tackle the side quests, about 20 hours of playtime costs.

But if you want to complete the game 100 percent, you won’t be able to avoid repeating the missions several times, which of course also means more playing time. Despite the “only” eight missions, there is still a lot to do in the game. Additional goals, unlockable starting points, different collectibles and various ways to get there should also bring in more hours of play.

You get these weapons in the game

In the interview conversation, Woodward said that it was in the game overall 22 weapons will be given that players can find in the different levels. The number is made up as follows:

  • Six guns
  • Six secondary weapons
  • Six pistols
  • Four heavy weapons
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You can customize the weapon parts such as the scope, the shaft, the magazine and more. These customization options allow you to tailor your chosen weapons to suit your own playstyle. The adjustments can be made at a workbench. In addition, different types of ammunition can be used.

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