Battlefield 2042: Noobmaster Bundle available for free

Battlefield 2042: Noobmaster Bundle available for free

You can currently secure a few free items for the multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042 from developer DICE.

The so-called Noobmaster Bundle is currently available from Amazon Prime Gaming.

It’s in the Noobmaster bundle

The Battlefield 2042 Noobmaster Bundle is not only available for the PC version, but also for Xbox and PlayStation.

Included is the following:

  • Noobmaster skin for Rao
  • Player Card: Night Flight
  • Vehicle skin for M5C Infiltrator

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Before you can claim this free pack, you must first link your Electronic Arts game account to your Amazon account.

Then you control Prime Gaming this page and you can secure the free content. More packages will follow in the coming months.

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