Crusader Kings 3: Fate of Iberia DLC lures with new features

Crusader Kings 3: Fate of Iberia DLC lures with new features

Belongs in the field of strategy games Crusader Kings 3 to the greats: In his test, our editor Matthias already praised the complex depiction of the Middle Ages, the high replay value and the huge map. You should actually think that history enthusiasts and tactical princes are fully served.

Yet Paradox Interactive is not that easy to splash out: the previously postponed major expansion Royal Court was released at the beginning of the year, followed in March by the smaller DLC Northern Lords. With Fate of Iberia the studio is now delivering another so-called Flavor Pack, which expands the game with a few more features.

This is what awaits you in Crusader Kings 3: Fate of Iberia

As previously mentioned, Fate of Iberia belongs to the cheaper DLC category that Paradox Interactive considers Flavor Pack designated. Matching the name, the focus of the add-on is on Spain and Portugal: the eponymous ones Iberian Peninsula becomes the target of the numerous rulers and whoever wants to conquer the culturally rich landmass needs tactical finesse and strong troops.

Crusader Kings 3 gets playful (buy now €41.99 /€35.99 ) in the new update by that struggle system expanded, which should make the historical conflicts even more adaptable. As part of this, you can of course also decide on the fate of Iberia and either merge the peninsula peacefully with the rest of Spain or brutally bring in the tempting loot.

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Besides, the two are waiting for you new legacy paths “Urban” and “rope teams”, new cultural traditions of Iberia as well as new friendship interactions. Fate of Iberia also serves up new scenarios in terms of dynamic historical events, which can also take place globally away from the peninsula.