Splitgate: Beta Season 2 starts tomorrow

Splitgate: Beta Season 2 starts tomorrow

This week, arena shooter Splitgate celebrates the start of Beta Season 2 and we have plenty of information and gameplay for you about the game.

The free-to-play shooter Splitgate, which was released in June last year for PC, Steam Deck, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, celebrates the start of Beta Season 2 on June 2nd and at the same time brings some changes with.

Splitgate is available to you free of charge Microsoft Store to disposal. In order to be able to start the season straight away tomorrow, we recommend that you initiate the download so that we only have to download the update.

To prepare you for the new season in Splitgate, we will first show you the trailer:

Revamped Abyss map

The Abyss map has been rebuilt from the ground up. Many elements will look familiar to you, but new ones have also been incorporated here. Among other things, new portal walls where you can place deadly passages to step directly on your opponent’s feet.


There were some server-side problems with the release of Splitgate last summer. In order to prevent these problems with the start of Beta Season 2, changes were made to the backend.

The changes ensure that you will encounter significantly fewer bots in the lobbies and the matchmaking will act in such a way that you will meet opponents who match your skill level.

Three new game modes

To give you even more variety, three new game modes have also been added.

juggernaut is a free-for-all like mode. Any player playing against the Juggernaut, who is faster due to increased stats, can withstand more damage. If you kill the Juggernaut, you become a Juggernaut. The longer you are the Juggernaut, the more points you get.

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In hot zone you have to capture a neutral zone and hold it for 30 seconds. If you have done that, you get a point.

In lockdown you have to capture three zones. But be careful: after taking the three zones, they move on and you have to run quickly to the new zones and take them too!

level system

Adjusted the leveling system so that starting the grind to level 100 is more rewarding for players. You now reach level 100 faster. If you have reached the maximum level, you switch to Pro 1 Tier. There you fill up 100 levels again and end up in the next animal. There are 10 Pro Tiers in total.

Battle Pass

Of course, every season comes with a Battle Pass! It contains 100 levels that you can unlock. You will be rewarded with over 100 items including 2 legendary characters, legendary weapons, 10 drops and 1200 splitcoins that are great to invest in skins.

The Premium Battle Pass costs 900 splitcoins, so you end up with more coins than you invested. You can buy the right split coins directly in the Microsoft Store acquire.

In summary, Beta Season 2 brings us the following content:

  • new matchmaking system
  • Revamped Map Absyss
  • three new game modes
  • revised player progression system
  • 100+ Battle Pass Items
  • Map Creator update
  • UIUX update

We’ll catch up tomorrow night at around 8pm on the XboxDynasty Live Stream Twitter Take a closer look at the Beta Season 2. It’s best to follow our Twitch channel now so that you don’t miss this and other streams.

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